Technician for car and motorcycle repair and maintenance work

Course details

Type: Vocational course
Duration: 6 months (320 total hours)
Structure: Classroom lessons and workshop practice
Entry Requirements: Minimum level of literacy; Aptitude for manual work
Certificate: Certificate of Attendance (Scuola Radio Elettra Diploma)
Issued by: Scuola Radio Elettra
Location: Enugu, N 23 Umanano Street


This course trains car and motorcycle technicians who have the skills to identify and solve problems which result in the bad/lack of functioning of motor vehicles. (Generally, vehicles over 3.5 tons in weight such as trucks, articulated vehicles, buses, coaches, trolley vehicles, trailers, agricultural machinery, and working machines are excluded from this field of work.)
Students learn how to carry out light mechanical maintenance work (repair/replacement of worn or damaged parts), how to perform the electronic check-up of the engine, and how to check the efficiency of safety devices and anti-pollution systems.

Course curriculum

  • Basics of mechanical technology, electrical engineering, electronics
  • Types, characteristics and operating modes of car parts
  • Types, characteristics and operating modes of motorcycle parts
  • Maintenance of mechanical parts
  • Initial analysis to reconstruct the history of the vehicle in order to indentify the potential causes of problems/malfunctions
  • First estimate of work to be done
  • General action plan
  • The periodical inspection of motor vehicles
  • Emission check
  • Tools and instruments necessary to perform mechanical work
  • The raw materials and replacement parts of the mechanic workshop
  • Periodical maintenance of mechanical parts of cars and motorcycles
  • Repairing of mechanical parts of cars and motorcycles

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