Technician for the repair and maintenance of motor vehicle tyres

Course details

Type: Vocational course
Duration: 6 months (320 total hours)
Structure: Classroom lessons and workshop practice
Entry Requirements: Minimum level of literacy; Aptitude for manual work
Certificate: Certificate of Attendance (Scuola Radio Elettra Diploma)
Issued by: Scuola Radio Elettra
Location: Enugu, N 23 Umanano Street


The course for tyre technicians aims to provide the knowledge and skills needed to check and guarantee the integrity of tyres mounted on motor vehicles.
The course aims to teach students the skills for performing, when necessary, repair work, maintenance, changing and balancing in order to ensure the safety of a vehicle.

Course curriculum

  • Welcoming the client
  • Initial analysis of work (work to be done, costing and time frame)
  • Accurate analysis of the state of the tyres
  • Quantify the resources necessary to carry out the work in term of hours, raw materials, replacements, and drafting a quote
  • Garage/workshop activities
  • The sequence of jobs aimed at repairing/replacing one or more tyres
  • Machinery and the necessary materials to carry out activities
  • Checking that safety standards are respected in the workplace, restraining non-compliant behavior
  • Lifting the car onto the car lift
  • Dismounting worn/damaged tyres using the correct wrenches
  • Carrying out tyre repair
  • Mounting repaired or new tyres
  • Returning the car to the ground
  • Checking the balance (wheel alignment and camber) of tyres, using the correct tools

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