Internationalism and intercultural exchange

CEPU Education Group is involved in education and training at professional, scholastic, university and post-university levels, in Italy and abroad. In over 50 years it has already allowed 2 million students to successfully reach their study goals.
Open to internationalism and intercultural exchange since the beginning, CEPU Education Group promotes and spreads a training model which is personalized based on the needs of people and their country, now also present in Nigeria.

The launch of European Education System Limited

The institutional meeting in Nigeria between the founder Dott. Francesco Polidori and Senator Ike Ekeweremadu ended with an invitation to Italy to get to know CEPU Education Group close up, and evaluate together the new opportunities for development.

In Italy, Senator Ike Ekeweremadu acknowledged and welcomed the training model proposed by CEPU Education Group with interest and enthusiasm, recognizing the potential and social value of the study paths for the Nigerian population, especially to guarantee young people a better future.

At the end of the visit to Italy, Senator Ike Ekeweremadu urged the Management of CEPU Education Group to create a new education network in Nigeria: this is how European Education System Ltd was born. European Education System Ltd is the company which operates in Nigeria offering courses ranging from professional training to university preparation. The company launched its first campus to run professional courses in Enugu (Enugu State).

The European education network in Nigeria

The first activity of the company in Nigeria is Learn&Work, the professional training project which allows even the population which is not educated to learn a practical trade through guided lessons and workshops. Learn&Work courses are run by Scuola Radio Elettra, the professional division of CEPU Education Group which has been active in Italy since 1951.

The education network in Nigeria also foresees the activation of eCampus University degree courses taught in English in the faculties of Economics, Engineering, Fashion and Law; the CEPU Medical Studies service for courses in the medical health field such as Nursing and Midwifery; and a service for secondary school education.

CEPU Education Group would like to thank Senator Ike Ekeweremadu for having welcomed and supported this important project in Nigeria.