Vocational courses to learn a trade

Learn&Work is the european service dedicated to professional training. It is a complete reference point for those who want to learn a trade in a short time starting from sufficient practical training.  The service gives a concrete answer to the needs both of young people who aspire to a job and of older people who have been pushed out of the working world and who want further training within a short amount of time in order to be able to return.

Learn&Work’s courses conceived, designed and created in order to achieve:

Personal aims

  • to acquire knowledge and skills linked to essential professions and trades for the development of the economic and productive system
  • to acquire civil and social responsibility towards the families of work colleagues and towards institutions

Social aims

  • to improve the quality of life
  • to reduce unemployment
  • to reduce crime and deviant behavior

Learn&Work is characterized by its great effectiveness and efficiency in vocational training. The service is effective because all of its students learn their chosen trade on time; it is efficient because students achieve great results in a short time (six months) and with minimal costs.

The training body: Scuola Radio Elettra (SRE)

Learn&Work’s courses are run by Scuola Radio Elettra, the private professional school for telecommunications born in 1951 in Turin, and a leader in Italy in these sectors. Scuola Radio Elettra has strongly contributed to the social and economic development of Italy: in over sixty years of its activity it has trained more than 1 million students. The training strategy of the school always starts from the know-how in order to then arrive at the theoretical knowledge and to the skills needed in each specific profession.

Scuola Radio Elettra is part of CEPU Education Group (www.cepugroup.com), the european institution which is specialized in training at scholastic, professional, university and post-university levels, present in Italy and the world with over 100 branches and an online University. It counts 5.000 people in terms of teachers, tutors and collaborators and has a yearly revenue of over 100 million euros..